Looking to have a Fun Night In ?

These are great for girls night out, bachelorette parties, company parties,

kids birthdays, etc. 

We can only run a party if you have or more guests


The hostess' sign is FREE (12x24  custom wood sign)

As the host you will need to register and pay for your piece and if we get 8 guests then your money will be refunded to you at the party as your piece will be on the house. Fill out our form below with all your requests and then a representative will get back to you

to confirm that the date is available.

* please note their may be travel costs involved if you are outside Barrie/Innisfil area.

once your date is confirmed

Then you can notify your guests to go to our website to RSVP under your private event on pour HOME page.

There they will see your event all they need to do is click to Register and fill in their selection options.




Set up a Facebook event you can add us as a Co host to the event- make sure to linked  to our website  


Send a Group Facebook message to prospective guests 


Create a Facebook status getting everyone pumped up about the party





Plan on having your space ready before we arrive.


We arrive around 30mins early to set up.


We suggest that you ask your guests to arrive at least 15  minutes before the  party starting time,

so that they have a chance to say hi, fix a drink and mingle. 


We must start no later than 15 minutes from our agreed start time,

so if you have that one friend who runs hours late, tell them we will start without them!


Remind your friends that they should wear old clothing .


You provide the tables, chairs- We will bring the rest


If you wish to have a drop cloth to protect your carpet we suggest using plastic disposable table cloths

and taping them down with strong tape to avoid tripping  hazards. 


Leave enough room around the table for each guest to have room to work and room to allow the

instructor to walk around each guest.


A 6 foot table will comfortably fit 6 average sized adults, Have these set up before the instructor arrives please. 



We will contact you a day or so before your event to make sure that everything is ready.


If your guest count increases by more than 5 people we must be notified at least a few days in advance

so that we can purchase extra supplies.  


  At least  5 days before your booked party a representative will contact you to confirm how many guests have paid and registered for your upcoming party and at this time if there are not 8 registered and paid guests then our rep will discuss alternative options as we want your party to be a success for you and your guests.

As on our end we do need at least minimum of 2-5 days to purchase supplies and get ready.

Alternative Options for your Party would be as follows:


  • You can pick an alternative party date that works for everyone- your current registered guests would then be moved over to that date as they have already paid and registered so their spot is held as priority

  •  You can move your registered guests over to our Public Party which we hold once a month and  we will arrange a private table for all of you to sit together.

  • We can put together a DIY Kit for you and your guests that have registered that have Step by Step instructions so you can make then yourselves.


  • Last but not least and not my favorite option is to Cancel the party ☹ Then of course I would refund the guests that have paid . * Please note I do charge a $15 cancellation fee in regards to this- paid by the host

  • If any guests should cancel then they themselves  are subject to a $15 cancellation fee if their designs are custom and they do not give at least 7 days notice.

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